Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting the classroom ready...

Dear First Grade Families:

Summer is winding down and you know what that means for a teacher back in the classroom to get things ready for another school year! Woo-hoo! Last week, Dan (Mr. Brinkman) helped me haul first grade learning materials from our building shed to the classroom.  We were grateful to Mr. Mike, who takes great care of the shed; Dan and I were able to easily find what we needed in no time at all. 

I always enjoy getting things ready for a new school year; this year is especially exciting with the transformation to a first grade classroom! As you’ll see from this picture, things were a little chaotic at the beginning of the process, however; I’m thrilled to report the classroom looks much better this week.  I’ll upload a few pictures tomorrow so you can get a sneak-peak into our classroom before “Meet the Teacher” night on Monday, August 27th. 

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