Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BEE-autiful BEEhavior!

Coming soon the 3 P’s Celebration ~ Friday, September 21st
At the end of every day, our line leader adds a new body part to Mr. Potato Head when all children earn positive reports on their PBIS calendars.   Now that Mr. Potato Head has all his parts, the children earn a little celebration.  They requested the 3 P’s popcorn, pajamas (optional) and pals.  It seems everyone is most excited about bringing a pal (stuffed animal) to school which I’m thrilled about as well.  It’s wonderful to see children cuddle up with their special pals and read to them. 
I think this group of first graders is ready to move onto a more challenging behavior goal.  They’ll find out what that means next week, on Monday, September 24th

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