Sunday, September 23, 2012

Word Wall Book

Word Wall Book
I created this personal word wall book to help the children build sight word vocabulary and enhance their reading and writing skills.   My students work on this booklet all year.  I love this activity for a number of reasons.  Each booklet page has plenty of space to write words on handwriting rule lined paper, as well as a picture box for drawing the words.  This book allows for differentiation as the children can work independently and choose what words to add.  In fact, some of the more capable readers and writers in my classroom use the backside of each page to write sentences; a few of the children have added new and intriguing words to their booklets as well! This book has been especially useful during the work on writing block as the children refer to their personal word wall books for spelling help!
This activity has been an outstanding learning tool in my classroom and I hope other teachers find it beneficial as well. Two different books are available in my TPT store - kindergarten and grade 1.  To link up to TPT, click here. 

There are several options for the "About the Author" page.  I love keepsakes!

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