Monday, November 5, 2012

As the election nears...

While adult family members are deciding between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the presidential election, first graders in our class are preparing to cast votes of their own! This election provides a wonderful learning opportunity for students to see first hand how voting can be used to make group decisions. Our first grade classroom is voting for a class president and choosing between Skippyjon Jones and El Skippito.

Before we discussed candidates for class president, our first graders discussed qualities of the president of the United States. They decided the president should help animals, read books, care about protecting us, and give food away so everyone has food to eat. BEEing responsible was the #1 quality for class president. Admittedly, being cute was a close second…

Classroom activities included writing about their candidate for class president and working in small groups to create campaign signs. As promised, election results will be reported after polls close tomorrow at 4:30pm. 


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