Saturday, November 17, 2012

December -Who Am I?

One of our classroom bulletin boards features riddles about the students.  The riddles change each month, along with the new theme.  The children try to figure out who’s who based on the written clues.  The October ghost theme was filled with “All about Me” details. The November thankful theme featured “What Am I Thankful For?” clues. 
It seems we are always pressed for time in school, so the December theme will tie into one of our social studies standards for People in Societies, as well as one of our Harcourt language arts stories, “Where Do Frogs Come From?”  The frog craft that goes along with the story looks similar to these clipart frogs.  The children's frogs will be displayed with their clue cards; Grinch hats will be added to the frogs for a colorful December bulletin board. 
I’ve enjoyed the bulletin board as much as the children; I love to observe their discussions about who’s who!
(The children will write either boy or girl on the first line.)


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