Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Grade Poetry

Poetry is an important part of our first grade learning! We will read and listen to a variety of poems this year.  Through poetry, children discover new words, and make connections to sights and sounds through visual imagery. They look for rhyming words in some poems and highlight familiar Word Wall words; they spend time reading poems during morning work or together with a friend during the “Read-to Self/Read-to-Others” center in our classroom library.  Spending time reading and rereading poems is a terrific way to develop reading fluency and expressiveness.

We had our first experience with writing poetry last week.  After listening to the fabulous book, In November, by Cynthia Rylant, the children worked together and wrote verses for a poem we titled, “In the Fall.” I think this group of creative first graders did a terrific job! We'll continue to study poetry off and on throughout the year and discover the joys of reading and writing free verse poetry (no rhyme) as well. 
I added a few poetry books to my virtual bookshelf, via Shelfari, that I hope you'll enjoy.

Happy reading!

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