Thursday, November 15, 2012

Math & Making Connections!

Each day we begin our math block with a little dance movement.  The line leader chooses the song/dance for the class.  At this time in our school year, the line leader chooses either “Tooty Ta” or “Macarena Math” by Dr. Jean & Friends.

We are grateful to these two awesome first graders for making connections and then, sharing information about “Tooty Ta” YouTube videos with their first grade friends.  Apparently, in one of the homes, “Tooty Ta” dancing is a family affair!  J



  1. Bristol does Tootie Ta :) I'm assuming Jaden told you? We had fun all watching the videos on you-tube the other night and doing it!

  2. I heard about Bristol too! Jaden is so proud of her little sister! Is she a reader like Jaden?

  3. Forgot to mention the adorable necklace! Doesn't Jaden look beautiful!