Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Science Exploration!

Melting Ice Cubes
Today’s question was, “How fast can you melt an ice cube?” The children worked with table groups to answer the question, so we had four groups working together. The first thing the groups did was discuss the many ways in which to find the answer. After the groups agreed upon a method to carry out their investigation, they guessed how long it would take for their ice cubes to melt; that information was recorded, and later compared to the actual time it took.
We had two groups who placed ice cubes by the window for sunlight; another group chose the heating vent. The fourth group selected hot water and discovered it took less than two minutes for the ice cubes to melt. We gathered at the end of this simple investigation to allow time for these 6 and 7-year old scientists to review their information (data) and explain their observations.
The challenging part of first grade science explorations is that children feel they are wrong when an experiment does not give the results they expected. This year, I hope the children will learn that unintended results and mistakes will be part of most science explorations. As it goes in real life, sometimes we learn more from unintentional outcomes and mistakes than from having things turn out as expected - sometimes a blessing in disguise.

Aims Education Science Worksheet

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