Saturday, December 15, 2012

12.12.12 Activity

These wonderful first graders don't just talk about ways to care and share, they live it! 
I snapped pictures of the partner groups while they worked together to create posters, and writings about ways to show they care and share.  Read on to find out how these kiddos open their hearts and lend-a-hand.
1. We share books.
2. We listen.
3. We give smiles.
4. We donate toys.
5. We say thank you.
6. We help friends.
7. We take care of our pets.
8. We show respect.
9. We play nice.
10. We say nice things.
11. We are helpful.
12. We donate food. 


After the children finished their posters and writings, we sat in our school lobby and listened to partner groups as they shared their ideas and drawings.


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