Thursday, December 20, 2012

Projects by Jen!

Inspired by first grade teacher, Jenna French, our first grade team participated in an awesome collaborative project this year!   The project – Holiday Card Exchange 2012 - was created by another teacher, Jennifer Wagner, who reaches out to teachers around the world to share project ideas via twitter, face book, pinterest and her blog.
Participants in this holiday card exchange project created and exchanged holiday cards with 29 other classrooms around the world.  We designed cards and then, shared information about our schools on a pre-made template which we inserted in the cards.
Most classrooms used Google Earth to share landmarks.  Since my classroom computer has not been working (to be serviced over the holiday break!), we used a traditional 2-D map.  We gathered information about each school, including the average December temperature, the number of boys and girls in the classroom, and something special about each school.  Our class recorded the information on this worksheet.  We heard from classrooms that have as few as 13 students and as many as 32.  The children learned that December 15th temperatures across the US and Canada can go as low as -5^ and as high as 70^.  Each classroom shared something of interest on the pre-made template, and our class was most impressed with the fact that a school in Illinois has an iPad for every student. 
If you have a minute, check out ProjectsbyJen.  Incredible stuff!

To date, we've received 26 cards from 19 states and 2 Canadian provinces.   The pre-k to grade 6 classrooms represented public, charter and private schools.
This was our first grade team's card design.  Because we had 29 cards to send and only 23 students in our class, several first grade friends offered to make more than one card.

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