Sunday, January 27, 2013

Social Studies - Government

Our first grade social studies curriculum includes learning about government - rules and laws, and civic participation and skills.  First graders are learning about accepting personal responsibility for their actions.  They are learning that rules are designed to be fair, and they understand there are consequences for those who break the rules.  
While the children work and play collaboratively during center work or indoor recess in first grade, they are learning to work together in a way that demonstrates respect for the rights and opinions of others.   
Our school-wide PBIS plan (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) recognizes students who follow rules and make appropriate behavior choices in a number of ways.  Students have the opportunity to earn BEE Bucks every day, and this group of children does a fantastic job earning BEE Bucks!  Additionally, children are recognized at the end of each month with a school-wide reward.  Children earn that reward by maintaining a "clean" monthly PBIS calendar, which means they receive no more than one behavior infraction throughout the entire month.  The children usually enjoy their PBIS special treat (lollipop, popsicle, popcorn) during lunch.
I would like to do a better job of recognizing the children in this class who earn BEE Bucks.  I took a picture of the group who earned BEE Bucks on 1/24/13, and I plan to snap more pictures in the upcoming weeks and post them here.

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