Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents' Day in First Grade!

Our first graders will learn about Presidents’ Day and how key people and events contributed to the development of the American heritage. The children will study George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and learn about official duties of the president. By integrating social studies within our language arts blocks, we'll also target a number of English-Language Arts (ELA) Common Core Standards for the next couple of weeks during our history lessons. The children will use a graphic organizer before writing an informative writing about the president's job. With the support of their peers, the children will work on revising what they have written before we put the finishing touches on another class book.

We'll also target long and short vowels, and work with singular and plural nouns. A Venn diagram will be used to compare and contrast our lives today with those who lived before us to help develop an understanding how the basic need for food, clothing and shelter have changed over time.  The children will write a personal narrative, responding to the writing prompt, "If I Were President..." Self-portraits will top-off the writings, and I'll share pictures of their creativity on the blog as soon as they are completed!  I can’t wait! :)

The President's Job

 We're adding this song to the poetry/song binders this week. I'm so grateful for the confident, beautiful voices in this classroom!

Several books the children will read and listen to this week...

First Grade Presidents' Day Mini-Packet

If I Were President Student Writings...

Despite being so young, these children were serious and passionate about helping families in need.  As president, many said they would give money and food to victims of floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.  Quite a few said they would like to fly on Air Force One to other countries.  Several children wrote about changing laws to make sure schools were safe.  Many of these future presidents would like to see schools get more money, and a couple of our friends would like to change the "unfair laws" so we have fewer taxes.

On a lighter note, two creative first graders would like like to see some color added to the White House.
Hooray for pink and red! :)




  1. Thank you for the freebies! Super cute song! I've added your packet to my wish list to use next year!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! Good luck with your move to your new house!