Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spelling City!

I'm passing along information about an educational site with FREE activities for spelling practice.  Several years ago, the computer lab assistant at Hilton Elementary School input the spelling words to SpellingCity for our first grade team.  She input 3 spelling lists for each Harcourt reading story so your child may practice his/her assigned spelling list. 
To Access the activities on SpellingCity:
1.  Click on “Find a List”
2.  Go to Advanced Search By “School Zip Code – 44141”
3.  Click on “Hilton School”
4.  Click on “Registered Teachers – Mrs. Kraus”
5.  Click on the weekly Gr 1 spelling list (3 lists/story). 
The story for the week of February 25th is A Bed Full of Cats.   I'll update the classroom newsletter each week and provide the name of the current Harcourt story.

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