Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Party Pictures

Yes, love was in the air at our classroom party!

The children LOVED the snacks, craft and game! We had loving party helpers on hand and a few lovely visitors, including an adorable 6 month sister and her soon to be kindergarten sibling, who participated in a few of the fun activities.

Thank you Beiswenger, Gomos, Kelley, Waring, Paoletta, and Molina families for helping with the party; and, thank you to the Zeitler, Hahn and Vitt families for visiting!

The first few pictures show the children as they eagerly distributed cards to their friends first thing in the morning. It looks a little chaotic, but the children did a fantastic job passing out cards together.

The craft the parents chose for the Valentine's Day party turned out so great, I decided to follow-up and have the children write about their bugs.  
We are working on applying commas to separate single words in a series, and this activity provided practice for that skill!

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