Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Time!

We helped two of our friends celebrate birthdays today!  We had hoped to celebrate three, but our third birthday girl was not feeling well and had to stay home.  We sure hope she's feeling better soon and up to returning to school as soon as possible! 

The creative parents of our beautiful birthday girls provided these colorful, yummy sweet treats for all the lucky kiddos in our class.  Considering it's Seusstacular week in first grade at Highland Drive, all of us Seuss fans got a big kick out of the clever Lorax-themed tree treats:
~Lorax Stache Striped Straws for sipping Seuss Juice (Little Hug Juice)
~Truffala Trees (Marshmallow, white chocolate, sprinkles)


The children were also treated to Truffula pencils.  Most of the kids have the pencils tucked behind their ears for this picture, but they used the pencils all day and have them on their desks ready to use tomorrow!
Thank you, birthday parents for the delightful treats!  And, thank you for providing safe treats for our children with allergies and special diets.  We really appreciate it!

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