Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 8, 2013 Classroom Newsletter

We are all about robots in first grade this week!
Thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers, our creative first grade inventors will have plenty of help Tuesday afternoon with building their robots!  I think my son, Alex plans to join us as well. 
We have a great collection of boxes and paper towel tubes already, but feel free to send in extras;  we'll recycle what we don't use.  I had a fun time making my robot - "Mrs. ABC" (pictured below), who will be on hand to greet the children at the door first thing Monday morning.  I am not very creative, but thankfully I had a lot of boxes on hand to put something together.  I used a shoe box, candy, aluminum foil and K-Cup boxes, along with several paper towel tubes, and quite a bit of Reynolds Wrap.  The children started planning their robot designs before spring break, and I can't wait to see how they transform a bunch of recycled stuff to unique robot creations!  I'll share their inventions later this week.

Are you familiar with the children's book, Clink?  We'll use that story for a character study and compare Clink and Cecil, the character in the anthologized story "My Robot" by Eve Bunting.  How to Build a Robot, by Clive Gifford is a child-friendly guide to building a robot, and includes several intriguing science experiments. 

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