Sunday, April 28, 2013

Earth Day!

Our first grade environmentalists are learning about the Earth's resources, and how our actions affect people and animal habitats. We're practicing as many "going green" activities in the classroom as possible and hopefully developing habits that will last a life time.
At the listening center, the children listened to Be a Friend to Trees (DRA 28), by Patricia Lauber and learned why we can't live without trees. The kiddos were excited to learn about photosynthesis and enjoyed the colorful suggestions at the end of the book for recycling and finding alternatives to paper products.
We enjoyed another wonderful book for our Earth Day studies ~ Recycle Everyday (DRA 30-34), by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. The character in this story, Minna, solicits the help of her family for a Community Recycling Calendar Contest. At the end of the story, the kiddos cheered and clapped for Minna, when they discovered her creative work was chosen for the calendar cover page!
These two books provided the inspiration for several Earth Day writings and activities. The children used Tempra paint for their Mother Earth paintings which are hanging alongside their wonderful "I Am a Friend to Planet Earth" writings!  Besides working on writing conventions, such as applying capital letters appropriately and using ending punctuation, the children worked very hard to make their writings more interesting by beginning each sentence with a different word.
We didn't have time to read Arthur Turns Green yet, but we will this week.
Some of the "go green" activities we completed in class are included in an 8-page mini-packet (Freebie!) which I uploaded to tpt (below). 

To link up to the Earth Day Freebie on tpt, click on the image above.

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