Thursday, May 23, 2013

Busy BEES!

You Tube Link for Busy Buzzy BEES
When the children read the Harcourt story, Busy Buzzy BEES, we did a little extra research and discovered some fascinating facts about bees.  The children learned that honeybees in each hive have their own unique scent and use that special scent to communicate and identify members of their hive. 
That led to an experiment:  the children had to locate members of their "colony" by scent.  They made bees out of craft paper and while the students were out of the classroom, I scented each bee, using 4 different scents.  When the children returned to the classroom, they walked amongst friends, and using just their sense of smell, they had to locate others in their "hive" with their same scent.
I uploaded the adorable video of our science experiment to You Tube.  I made the You Tube setting 'unlisted', so only someone with the link can view it. 
I hope you enjoy the video! 

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