Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Butterflies Released Today!

We had a gorgeous morning to release the butterflies!  After patiently waiting for several weeks, the kids were ready for this day. 

Actually, it's been a little more than three weeks since the teeny, tiny caterpillars arrived in a clear plastic cup.  The cup, which comes filled with food for the caterpillars, was placed in the butterfly habitat in our classroom library so the children could monitor the growth each day. After about a week and a half, the caterpillars changed to pupae.  Once they hung upside down on the inside of the lid on the plastic cup, they were removed and attached to the mesh habitat.  Again, the children watched and waited patiently for another week and a half, and Monday, 4 beautiful Painted Lady butterflies emerged!  We fed them watermelon, oranges and nectar.  Initially, the butterflies were somewhat still; by late this morning, however, after eating fresh watermelon brought in by Rebecca, the butterflies were eating and ready to fly!

You can see and hear from these two videos, how the children encouraged the butterflies to take flight.  I just love their kind, encouraging voices!  I think the children really enjoyed this exciting learning experience!  I uploaded the videos to Vimeo this time because I think the quality is better.  I hope you enjoy!

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