Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DonorsChoose.org Grant!

I have wonderful news to share!
I recently received a grant to purchase stability chairs and books for the listening center for my students.  When Chris Beiswenger, parent to Cameron, received notice from PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) about the DonorsChoose.org grant, his family extended the generous offer to me and I was chosen as a teacher recipient for a grant!
PwC collaborates with DonorsChoose.org to donate funds, time and skills so that teachers can obtain the classroom resources they need for their students. Through the already funded 380+ DonorsChoose.org grants, PwC has helped nearly 40,000 students!  PwC doesn’t just provide the funding – their employees volunteer in the classrooms as well!  Chris Beiswenger has already graciously volunteered to be in the classroom.  He plans to assemble the chairs when the materials arrive in the fall.  The incoming first graders will be thrilled to learn that Chris also plans to be on hand to read to the students.  As a teacher who tries to instill a love of reading in all my students, I am thrilled that Chris plans to be a guest reader and share with the students the importance of reading!
The materials in my grant, “Active Learning” are 8 stability chairs and books for the listening center.  A stability chair is similar to a yoga ball, and has a base.  While sitting on the chair, the children get to wiggle and squirm as much as their bodies need.  My plan is to place 6 chairs in the daily listening center station and two chairs in my classroom library.  The grant also includes books on tape for the listening station.  The majority of the books are nonfiction, content that will keep young listeners actively engaged in learning.
Although every child is unique, all six and seven year olds share the need to move about, which is the reason for this grant.  First graders are a noisy and active group and need frequent movement breaks.  Incorporating more movement into the daily curriculum to help them stay focused is something I constantly work on.  When this grant opportunity was presented by Chris Beiswenger, I kept my fingers crossed that I could get stability chairs for my wiggly, squirming first graders...
I really look forward to sharing these resources with my students and feel so fortunate that the Beiswenger’s made this exciting opportunity possible for my students!
If you’d like to learn more about my DonorsChoose.org grant, click here.
Here are some pictures of this active bunch of first graders standing at their desk while working on "seat work."  :)

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