Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Reading!

At the end of the year, all elementary students will receive a letter from our district curriculum director with their DRA reading level.  You can use that information when choosing books with your child for summer reading, but keep in mind; children need opportunities to choose what they read.  For most of us, reading is enjoyable because we choose our books, and children are no different.  If we’re interested, we read more.  On the other hand, when we’re forced to read, reading becomes a chore, and for young readers, oftentimes that chore leads to the dreaded, “I hate reading.”  
If you’re concerned because your son will read only books with a Marvel logo, don’t fret.  Interests change.  At the beginning of the school year during the self-selected reading center, I thought the boys would never expand their interest beyond gross-looking insects.  When they made the transition to Pokemon, Bakugan and Star Wars, I was relieved.  I had similar concerns with some of the girls.  It seemed their interest in pink, Barbie and princess books lasted forever.  But given a choice, most girls now choose Magic Tree House, nonfiction, Henry and Mudge , or favorite authors, such as Laura Joffe Numeroff.   Choice is a good thing.
If you’re interested, I’m passing along information about books and DRA levels from a site I use on Scholastic.  Clicking on the DRA level actually takes you to a Teacher Store.  I’m not at all promoting purchasing the books, but browsing through the selections might be helpful for some.  Plus, there are a lot of book titles from which to choose at each level. 

Link up to the Scholastic Site here

Also, this site allows you to input book titles and get the DRA level.
Another Scholastic Link here

Don't forget about the wonderful children's section at the Brecksville Branch of the Cuyahoga Library.  They have a listing of Accelerated Reader (AR) titles at the reference desk.  All you have to do is ask for help. :)
I hope this information helps and you enjoy lots of enjoyable reading throughout the summer!

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