Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 26, 2013 Classroom Newsletter

At the beginning of the school year, we always expect a few glitches, such as forgotten lunches or missing snacks; I never expected what happened on the first day of school this year, however.  At 8:30am, just 40 minutes before the school day began; we had another student added to our class roster. In need of the basics and the things that mean so much to a child on his/her first day of school - a desk, a chair, a locker space, a name tag - but very little time to get organized, I wasn’t sure the classroom would be set up in time.  Thanks to my truly wonderful first grade team and our building custodian, we were able to gather what was needed and welcome our new student at 9:10am, along with 24 other students.  (smile) We’re now a class of 25 - 13 boys and 12 girls. I have to applaud the children who attended Highland Drive last year because they did a marvelous job of welcoming the 6 students in our class who are new to our district and school. 
On the second day of school, the children brought their favorite book to share and on the third day, their favorite stuffed friend.  I snapped this picture in front of our building.  This is a colorful, energetic, kind group of first graders!
Our classroom news for this week:

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