Sunday, September 15, 2013

Poems and Songs

All of our first grade students have Song and Poetry Binders. The first poem was introduced on the first day of school and the children have been adding songs and poems to their poetry binders almost every day since.   The art and music teachers in my building immediately recognized this year’s group of first graders as a very creative group that loves music.  I have to say, already we have had so much fun singing and reading poetry together!
The children will have a wide variety of songs and poems added to their binders this year; some will include monthly themes, basic math skills, and social studies and science concepts; while others will be just for fun.  Last week, one of the songs we added was, “On Top of Spaghetti” – a song I would categorize as ‘just fun,’ and not surprisingly, this group LOVES the song!  I videotaped the students singing last Friday and uploaded the video to my YouTube account.  (The videos are not available to the public.  They are only available to those who have the link.) 
I love that my students who lack confidence with reading are working on skills such as tracking print and recognizing word wall words in print.  They are strengthening early literacy skills by building connections to the words they are singing and to the sounds they hear.  Reading poems and singing songs also helps the children develop focus and concentration skills. 
Throughout the year, I’ll share poems and songs on my blog.  This week, I’m sharing a few that my students are really enjoying at this time. 
Allosaurus by Jack Prelutsky

To view the YouTube video of my first graders singing, On Top of Spaghetti, click here.

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  1. Awesome…!!!

    The interactive story CDs would tell a story referring by Kurt Penberg to your kids’ name and there won’t be any kid who would not be pleased and happy to hear his name in poems and songs!