Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Sometimes Halloween feels more like a season, than a one-day celebration, especially in a first grade classroom.  It doesn't take tricks or treats to get the kids motivated and excited about learning, they love all things "Halloween-educational"!  From poems, songs, math, and writing activities to learning about bats and carving pumpkins, we are busy with the Halloween theme.

We kicked off the "Halloween Season" with a class book about Halloween costumes.

The kids decided they wanted their friends to guess who's who, so they didn't put names on their pages.  I think class books provide meaningful writing experiences because the children write at their ability level.


"Which witch is which?" is another "Who am I?" activity.  The children worked on sentence writing, question sentences, beginning capital letter, end punctuation and descriptive words with this activity.  Everyone wrote three clues for their riddle, and some wrote more.  They traced a hat pattern that I've had for many years, then added stars, and made faces on an oval cut-out.  I cut 9"x2" strips of orange paper for the hair and the kids were so creative with their designs.
The writing is glued on a 9"x12" piece of construction paper that is folded in half.  The riddle is glued on the front and the children's names are revealed on the inside.

They wrote "I am..." in the speech bubble.  This page was glued on the inside.

 To work on the skill of distinguishing differences between fiction and nonfiction text, we read about bats.  Again, this is a topic that motivates first grade learners!
We combined a little fun and writing for the extension activity.



We are carving pumpkins tomorrow and I hope to share a lot of great pictures!

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