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11.11.13 Newsletter & Veterans Day

November 11, 2013 Newsletter

Veterans Day holds a special meaning for my husband and his brothers.  Their father, who served in the navy during World War II and fought in the Pacific, was modest about his time in the military; in the 26 years that I knew him, he rarely talked about his experiences.  Occasionally, however, his sons and grandchildren could convince him to share a story.  He talked about how the army soldiers struggled with seasickness because they weren’t used to being on the water, like the navy soldiers.  He shared his concerns with being out in the middle of the ocean and the feeling of being vulnerable to enemy attacks.   The stories always ended the same way. Lawrence reminded us that he was simply doing his duty to serve his country.  His sons are so proud of his courage and grateful for his commitment to defend our country’s right for freedom. 
Larry Brinkman - 1943

We have several family members in our first grade class with personal connections as well.  We’ll honor all veterans and their service to America with a few activities on November 11th.  To expand our knowledge of veterans, we’ll gather information from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) site.  The children will decorate stars and write thank you notes.  Because we love poetry and music in our classroom, we’ll add a poem to the poetry binders, along with the song, “The Grand Old Flag.”  



Happy Veterans Day! 
November 11, 2013

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