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11/4/13 Classroom Newsletter

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Mrs. Brinkman's Ghouls and Goblins - Halloween Party 2013
(Unfortunately, we were missing two friends who were absent due to illnesses.)
My classroom room mother organized an awesome Halloween Party!  The children enjoyed 3 center activities: two games and a craft.  We had plenty of adult helpers, and even a few siblings on hand to help-out.  When the center activities were done, the children feasted on a yummy assortment of healthy snacks, provided by another group of parent volunteers.  With the exception of a little rain during the parade, life was good for my first grade friends on Halloween.
Before the early afternoon party, we made time for science and journaling about our jack-o-lanterns:

 Our pumpkins were a gift from this friend and his family. 
The girls and boys each claimed one pumpkin and then worked together to create their designs. 
(13 boys and 12 girls this year.)

We kept the jack-o-lanterns in the classroom for about one week and then moved them outside in the courtyard to observe the decomposition process in nature.




The children recorded observations and predictions in their journals.

They drew pictures and wrote about their predictions.
"We put two pumpkins outside.  I predict the pumpkin will decompose in six days."

"I predict the pumpkin will decompose in 16 days.  The pumpkin will be mooshy."
The pumpkins are situated outside our classroom window and the children are closely monitoring the changes.

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