Sunday, December 1, 2013

12 - 2 - 13 Classroom Newsletter

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I take pictures in my classroom all the time, and find I don't share the pictures as often as I'd like to, so I uploaded a lot of pictures of my students for this post too!  These children are just wonderful. 
Enjoy.  :)
In this picture, the students are making connections while listening to a story that I read-aloud.  They show they're making a connection by connecting their pointer fingers.

The next few pictures show the children working with a partner for a math addition and subtraction activity.
 They used tools - the number line and connecting cubes for this game.

I took these pictures while the children worked together on a Thanksgiving Word Work Activity:
The objective was to arrange the letters in 'Happy Thanksgiving' to make words.  The children worked independently at first, and then worked with a partner to provide feedback and support to one another.

Link to Download or View Thanksgiving Making Words Activity
I love this multi-level activity because the children feel successful working at their own levels.

These two pictures show table groups eating lunch in the classroom.  The children work together at their table groups to earn "Table Tallies".  They earn tallies for making smooth transitions during changes in activities and while working together on group activities.  When a table group earns 20 tallies, we eat lunch together in the classroom.

The last picture shows the children moving during a "brain break" activity. 
We make time for brain breaks several times each day.  During the morning break, the junior teacher chooses the activity.  Most mornings, the junior teacher chooses to dance and we usually follow along via YouTube to a Just Dance Kids song.  (You have to preview the videos first because many have a 15-second commercial that precedes the song.)  Most songs are two to three minutes in duration.   You can't tell by this picture, but the songs provide opportunities for lots of movement! 

Some children are a little uncomfortable with the dance moves, but they stay active by moving about in the classroom during the break.
I still have dozens of pictures in my iPhone, and will share more in the future.  :) 
We have just 15 days of school before the winter break.  This school year is moving along way too quickly...


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