Sunday, February 23, 2014

C.O.S.I. & 2/24/14 Newsletter


Our students had the opportunity to learn about our ecosystem through the generous funding and volunteer support of our Parent - School Organization. The Center of Science and Industry, located along the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio paid a visit to our school through its educational outreach program called COSI On Wheels. 

This exciting day of learning was organized by one of our terrific parent volunteers. She prepared a group of helpers who included parents from our school community as well as students from our high school, to assist our K - 3 students. 

The day began in our school gymnasium with a high-energy, interactive assembly that left the children eager to return later that day for their scheduled session.  Dozens of cafeteria tables were transformed to learning stations filled with hands-on learning materials and volunteers who were on hand to answer questions during the small-group sessions. The children moved about freely to the various stations, learning about animal life cycles, adaptations, and how parts of an ecosystem are related. 

COSI ~ what a great learning experience for the children!


Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day & 2/17/14 Newsletter


What would you do?
Word Work Activities:
To differentiate the word sort, additional, more challenging words will be displayed on the SMART Board. The displayed words will also include words that don't follow the vowel categories. The kiddos will sort the miscellaneous words on the backside of their papers.

WORDO for word wall word review 

With President's Day and a scheduled visit by The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) on Wednesday, this week will fly by for our first graders!
I love to share pictures of my wonderful students!
EEKK! - Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee
Read to Someone Center

 Partner Work - Reflecting on what they learned in math

Don't they look presidential.  :)
Happy learning, all.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Place Value and Newsletter 2/10/14

In math, we'll spend the week reviewing place value concepts.  The SMART interactive number grid and other virtual manipulatives are great for supporting learning of this concept.  The visuals and  movement appeal to first grade kiddos.

From the SMART technology gallery is the number grid.  Students come up to the SMART Board and locate the number by tapping on it.  
 McGraw Hill Virtual Manipulatives - The kiddos move the base-10 blocks on the work mat.
I created a few worksheets to allow for additional practice and added the worksheets to my Valentine's packet. 
You can upload or view the revised version of the 2014 Valentine's Day packet here.

 Place Value Worksheets


Newsletter for this week - February 10, 2014
I added this poem, Snowman's Valentine to the Valentine's Day packet as well. 


I hope for a LOVELY week for all.  :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Activities

I uploaded an 18-page, mixed-activity Valentine's Day packet I created last year and recently revised. The student writing pages for the class books have limited writing space because I created a large drawing box for the children’s pictures. First graders like to express themselves with pictures, especially when they are drawing about friends and family. The kiddos can use the backside of the writing pages for additional writing.
Link to view or download
A sampling of activities:

 Class Book Cover and Student Writing Page

 Word Sort
 Making Words Activity

 Class Book Cover and Student Writing Page

 3 Poems for Song/Poetry Binders

 Math Pages