Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog's Day 2014

Last year, that furry rodent, Phil did not see his shadow, but this morning was a different story; sunshine gave way to the groundhog seeing his shadow.  So as the story goes, it will be six more weeks of winter weather for us.  Looking out at our snow-covered landscape, and hearing reports of single digit temperatures forecasted again this week, it's really no surprise.  (frown)
A picture of the Groundhog's Day informational text writings that are displayed in our hallway.
For this writing activity, we researched information online, created a list of words relating to Groundhog's Day and then, the children wrote independently at their own ability level.  Before the children wrote independently, our whole-group lesson included a writing that I modeled for the children.  We continue to focus on the following skills: beginning capital letter, end punctuation, and spacing between words, in addition to the specific writing skill.  For this skill, informational text writing, we also discussed fact v. opinion before the children wrote about the topic. 

 Some children were able to write independently, without teacher support:

 Some children worked on the skill of editing with peer support.
The bar has been elevated for first grade writing with the Common Core standards,.  About two-thirds of  my first grade students attended a half-day kindergarten program, and some struggle with first grade writing standards, more than likely due to a lack of prior experience with writing.  For those children who need considerable individual support, we use a combination of dictating and writing to compose their writings.  (Kindergarten Common Core - Literacy W.K.2)
Reading Activity:
The children also worked with partners to identify rhyming words in poetry.  I love observing them as they work collaboratively.  Some of these awesome children are future teachers!



  1. I just came across your blog today! Thank you for all that you share!

  2. Holly, you're welcome! Thank you for commenting. I learn so much from other educators via blogging, and hope to share a little experience with others as well.