Sunday, February 9, 2014

Place Value and Newsletter 2/10/14

In math, we'll spend the week reviewing place value concepts.  The SMART interactive number grid and other virtual manipulatives are great for supporting learning of this concept.  The visuals and  movement appeal to first grade kiddos.

From the SMART technology gallery is the number grid.  Students come up to the SMART Board and locate the number by tapping on it.  
 McGraw Hill Virtual Manipulatives - The kiddos move the base-10 blocks on the work mat.
I created a few worksheets to allow for additional practice and added the worksheets to my Valentine's packet. 
You can upload or view the revised version of the 2014 Valentine's Day packet here.

 Place Value Worksheets


Newsletter for this week - February 10, 2014
I added this poem, Snowman's Valentine to the Valentine's Day packet as well. 


I hope for a LOVELY week for all.  :)

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