Sunday, April 27, 2014


After a winter of record low temperatures and snow fall, integrating spring into the curriculum was a delight for the children! 
Spring Poetry:
In our classroom, we set aside time every day to read poetry; sometimes we read from the collection of poems in the children's poetry binders and other times we read from books.  This group really enjoys Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. 
I was hoping to walk with the children around the school grounds to help them capture ideas and inspiration for this poetry writing activity, but it did not work out.  When I realized we couldn't spend time outside, I chose the book, That's What Happens When It's Spring! by Elaine W. Good for our writing inspiration.  I love this book because my mother bought it for my students (smile) and I love how the character's discovery of spring is a result of his wondering... "When is it spring?"  The illustrations are beautiful as well.
The kiddos were super excited with the writing topic and had no problem coming up with phrases to accompany each letter in the word /spring/ for the acrostic.  We used hand-drawn templates for the umbrella, body and rain boots for the "Umbrella Kids".  With scraps from our scrap box, the children added arms, hands, and other fun detail. 
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Spring Riddle:
We added more spring color  to the walls with this riddle.  The children put up "privacy folders" while working on the writing, and once the tulips were displayed, they tried to guess who's who.

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Link for First Grade Friends bulletin board cards

  What is spring?

We made time for this project right before spring break. The kids applied glue using a glue stick on the paper and then, added the tissue squares.  While the kiddos worked on their kite designs, I typed their "spring is..." sentences. These looked really nice with the sun shining in the windows.


More poems for the poetry binders:



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