Sunday, May 4, 2014

5/5/14 Newsletter & Robots

Link for this week's classroom newsletter
We are just beginning a fun-filled unit about robots in which we'll integrate science, math and language arts activities.  We had 7 wonderful parent volunteers on-hand at the end of last week to help the children create their own robots out of recycled household items.  The creations included a transformer, hair stylist, artist, Lego-building friend, tooth fairy, rock star, and a chef, just to name a few.  These kiddos love to build and create, and let me tell you, robots aren't just for boys!  The girls also did a fabulous job designing a variety of interesting robots!  I'm so proud of all these children. :)
 Our parent helpers!
Glue, glue and more glue...

Patiently waiting in line...

Helping with the aluminum foil and lots of cutting...

The finished products:

(I need to retake his picture!)

 Last year, I created a packet I uploaded to tpt, as well as this 7-page packet.
I can't wait to share their opinion writings and measurement activity.
Happy learning! 

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