Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank you, PSO!

The PSO members in our building have logged thousands of hours this past year volunteering their time and helping to raise money for our students, and we benefitted in a huge way in first grade!  

For the first time, our students are working on iPads in the classroom.  We share 8 iPads amongst the three first grade classes. We changed our schedules when the iPads arrived so that each classroom had access to the iPads for about 60 minutes during center-based learning. 

With the help and advice of a tech-savvy special education teacher in our building, we installed a number of apps on each iPad; now, every child works on an iPad every day. This has been a wonderful learning experience for the children.  They work at their own pace and at their own ability level. 

A few of the apps we are using:



Our PSO also purchased headsets for each iPad (not pictured).
Initially, all students worked on the iPads in the large group, carpeted area.  Now the children take the iPads to their seats during the Working with Words center.


Our PSO also supported Science DZ Day at Highland Drive. Volunteers worked at four stations to provide hands-on learning about sound and light. 

It was a high energy learning experience - perfect for k-3 students!



6/2/14 Classroom Newsletter

Newsletter Link

A few weeks ago, my students created super heroes and then wrote about someone in their life who is a hero.
Credit for the super hero design belongs to my room mother. She decorated my classroom door for Teacher Appreciation Week with a huge teacher super hero. The kids and I created super heroes by copying her design.  I just love the boots and masks!  :)

"My mom is my hero...I am so lucky to have a sweet mom."
"My dad is my hero...My dad is kind to me."


Optional second writing page


Today, my heroes did a beautiful job reviewing graphing and data analysis skills. They collected data for this 'Friends Survey' by interviewing their classroom buddies.  Once they completed the interviews, they studied each tally chart and then wrote something of interest about their data.

Link for the Friends Survey

Interviewing one another...

Writing about her data:
"It was hard to believe how many people liked dogs for a favorite pet."  :)