Monday, June 2, 2014

6/2/14 Classroom Newsletter

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A few weeks ago, my students created super heroes and then wrote about someone in their life who is a hero.
Credit for the super hero design belongs to my room mother. She decorated my classroom door for Teacher Appreciation Week with a huge teacher super hero. The kids and I created super heroes by copying her design.  I just love the boots and masks!  :)

"My mom is my hero...I am so lucky to have a sweet mom."
"My dad is my hero...My dad is kind to me."


Optional second writing page


Today, my heroes did a beautiful job reviewing graphing and data analysis skills. They collected data for this 'Friends Survey' by interviewing their classroom buddies.  Once they completed the interviews, they studied each tally chart and then wrote something of interest about their data.

Link for the Friends Survey

Interviewing one another...

Writing about her data:
"It was hard to believe how many people liked dogs for a favorite pet."  :)

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