Saturday, October 18, 2014


If you fell in love with Stellaluna, you’re sure to enjoy Chiro, the endearing, little bat in Ari Berk’s picture book, Nightsong.

I used this book as a mentor text for writer's workshop and our ongoing study of reading like a writer.  We’re pairing quality children’s literature with the Six-Trait© Writing framework to guide the process of learning the craft of good writing. 

The Six-Trait© traits are:  
1.) Ideas
2.) Organization
3.) Voice
4.) Word Choice
5.) Sentence Fluency
6.) Conventions
Because 'writing ideas' was the first craft I identified during guided writing, all lessons and activities targeted the writer’s (author's) purpose, audience and content.  Since the beginning of the school year, we have read a variety of text to draw students’ attention to this trait.  I’m sharing a few writing samples from lessons in which Zoobooks Bats was the mentor text.  Little by little, children are learning to incorporate the skills during independent writing.


Book Cover

Student Text Page:
"Bats are brown and orange.  Bats can carry their babies as they fly! 
What else can bats do?  I didn't know a bat could do that!

Student Text Page:
"Bats are mammals.  They are not birds.  They have white and brown bodies. 
They have orange.  They sleep in the day.  They fly in the night.  They use echolocation."
Student Text Page:
"Bats can see in the dark.  Bats are all about in the dark."

Student Text Page:
"Bats have echolocation."
We added three bat poems to the children's poetry/song binders:
 Link for Bats

 Link for Little Bat
We shared the pen and experimented with poetry. 
My little first grade friends did an outstanding job with their first poem!


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