Sunday, November 16, 2014

Veterans Day

These little lovies proudly shared stories about brave family members who serve(d) in the armed forces, past and present.  Some family members are currently fulfilling their service stateside while others experienced combat on foreign soil.    

To show our sense of pride, extreme gratitude and to honor these wonderful people, we created little thank you packages.  Each package contained a student letter, a thank you card and decorated stars. 

We sent packages to three cousins, eight uncles (2 great uncles), and six grandfathers (2 great).  Three family members are currently involved in active duty, three served in Vietnam, one served in the Korean War, and one served our country in the Gulf War.  The stories the children shared were heartwarming.  The sacrfices of these veterans are not forgotten.

Each veteran received a copy of this adorable thank you card. 

Our Veterans also received special letters from family members along with a few patriotic stars. 


Our school has a subscription to Scholastic News (smile) so each child had his/her own copy of this issue.

I usually laminate one copy of each issue so we also read from an oldie, but goodie from 2011.

Together we created an anchor chart.  The children summarized our study of Veterans Day by writing a few details.  (I used their writings as an assessment to check for understanding.)


I will never pass up an opportunity to celebrate our veterans, past and present.
Thank you!

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