Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Grade News

Link for 1st Grade News!

I'm so proud of this group and how they work together to follow school and classroom rules. They constantly earn compliments from their specials teachers and other staff members.   
One little challenge for this group is the cafeteria. In our building, one classroom from each grade level earns recognition on the announcements at the end of each day for great behavior in the cafeteria. Our class is compared to three other first grade classrooms that have three or four fewer students than we have.  Well, we all know more students equals more talking, so, earning the announcement recognition has been a tough go. Needless to say, when these kiddos do earn recognition, we celebrate!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated by spending extra recess time on our snow-covered playground.  I joined the festivities, dressed in snow gear- and we had a blast! 
Click on the above picture for a quick video.  We were photo bombed by a former student!  :)


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