Sunday, February 22, 2015

1st Grade News

Thanks to our PSO and COSI, our students were treated to hands-on science learning last week.
The Center for Science and Industry (COSI) brought its mobile version of "Current Conditions" to our building to engage the students in weather-related activities.  Students learned about clouds, air pressure, weather tools, lightning, tornadoes and words and symbols used by a meteorologist.

This station was designed to teach the students about air pressure.  When air was removed from the center of the sphere, about 400 pounds of pressure held the pieces together, making it impossible to pull the two rounded plastic pieces apart.

 At this station, students were asked to place their arm in a vacuum sleeve to feel the powerful force of air pressure.


Picture blocks were used to demonstrate the elements and factors necessary to create various weather events.

Weather forecasting...
High school volunteers encouraged students to predict the weather and then, place the appropriate weather symbols on a map.


Students learned about weather instruments and tools, including an anemometer.


This experiment with air pressure was a favorite.



The high school volunteers did an awesome job of encouraging the students to describe the weather experiments.
The children used this tool to create conditions for a tornado.

 Students learned that clouds are formed when there is significant fluctuation in air pressure. These boys worked a bike pump to create high pressure.  

We had just two days of school last week, and we're hoping to have 5 full days of learning this week!


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