Saturday, February 28, 2015

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I snapped this picture last week for a silly Dr. Seuss theme class book we'll put together this coming week.  

22 Silly 1st Grade Friends!

We finally made time for a science experiment last week that I planned to complete closer to Valentine's Day.  The science topic was matter and a colleague found this worksheet from Curriculum Castle. 

Each child was provided 3 candy hearts to place in cups that contained water, soda or vinegar.  Before the students placed candy hearts in the cups, they discussed and made notes of their predictions on the backside of the worksheet. 

We allowed the candy hearts to soak in the soda, vinegar and water for about twenty minutes.  After that time period, the children drew pictures to record their observations.

The kiddos worked in partner and small groups to discuss their findings.


The energy in the classroom during a science experiment is palpable.  First graders love to learn, explore and experiment with new science topics.  Most of all, they appreciate the opportunity to be engaged in learning.  I'm just sorry I don't have pictures of the rest of this inquisitive group of little scientists.  I took a ton of pictures but most didn't turn out as I'm having problems with my camera.  Ugh...


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