Sunday, March 22, 2015

1st Grade News

1st Grade News Link

I'm changing up the homework routine for my first graders and providing an option to work on a book report each week.  Previously, the kiddos completed three spelling worksheets but I noticed most of the students learned their lists by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I hope the book summaries will provide a meaningful extension to their daily reading routine.

Fiction Book Summary Link

Nonfiction Book Summary Link

We had a lot of fun celebrating the 120th day of school last week!

Counting:  how many times can you blink in 120 seconds?

120 Day Array

How many times can you write your name in 120 seconds?

How many times can you stand and sit in 120 seconds?

Proudly displaying her necklace of 120 Fruit Loops!

Putting the necklaces together took a lot of time!

How many times can you hop up and down in 120 seconds?


Concentrating on counting how many times he can clap his hands in 120 seconds. 

Another lovely Array

He couldn't wait to eat his necklace!

Working on the sit/stand activity...

Students used the letters in the words /One Hundred Twenty/ to make new words. 

When the math activities were completed, students talked with friends and compared their estimates with the actual numbers. 

It doesn't seem possible but we're finishing up our third quarter this week.

Happy learning!

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