Sunday, April 26, 2015

1st Grade News

Link for this week's newsletter
Link for this week's newsletter - Word version

I took these pictures while the students engaged in a partner reading activity. For this activity, I assigned the text and the partners based on reading levels. The kiddos read from our collection of leveled readers that accompany the weekly reading story.  Texts ranged in level from DRA 10-20. 

Partners took turns reading the text with a goal of answering comprehension questions when they finished reading.  I gave the comprehension questions before they began reading and then walked amongst the groups and listened to their reading as well as their responses.

At this time of year, these students do a beautiful job with partner reading!


  1. I LOVE your weekly newsletters and would love to do something like this in my classroom next year. What program do you use to create your masterpieces?

  2. Hi Katie, I use Word to create newsletters with text boxes and clip art. I added a link (above) to the Word version of this newsletter and maybe you can look through the document to see if the format is something you can modify. Thank you for the nice comment. I am happy to share any and everything I have. Best of luck to you!