Thursday, August 20, 2015

1st Day of School!

Our district teachers spent Monday through Wednesday in meetings and professional development and today was the first day of school for students.  First day of first grade for 21 kiddos... and the class of 2027 came in ready to learn! 
When we weren't working on rules and routines, we made time for "Special Child" of the Day activities.  We put on reporter hats and interviewed two students, finding out what they like to play, eat, do after school, etc.  After the interviews, we used a shared writing format to write about each child.  At the end of this activity, students drew pictures and wrote to the "Special Child" allowing him/her to take home a nice collection of drawings.  
For the next ten days, I will draw two names from a jar to determine the special child.  After all students have been interviewed, I'll compile a class book containing each shared writing and a picture of each child.  This book will remain a favorite all year.
1st Grade News for this week:
  Some classroom pics before students arrived. 

At the end of the day before bus dismissal, students worked on reading independently and I snapped a few pictures. 

Love the stuffed cat with a head propped on his lap. 

An attentive listening audience:)

Comfy spot

A future teacher reading to a stuffed animal :)

Aren't you supposed to sit on the bean bag chair???  :)

It's wonderful to see children enjoying the opportunity to read books of their choice. 

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