Sunday, September 27, 2015

1st Grade News 9/28/15

1st Grade News

Young writers in various stages of the writing process.  Lots of smiles because most are writing about families.  :)

1-to-1 iPads!
This is the first year we are 1:1 in first grade and it's so exciting!
After a week of reading stories about pets, we used iPads to do a little animal research.  For this activity, we used two apps:
Animal Encyclopedia for Kids Free

 iTunes icon
an interactive page
I used this app last year at the end of the school year, and I thought it might be too challenging at the beginning of the school year, but these kiddos were ready.
We also explored Forest Animals:  Interactive Encyclopedia for Kids, but discovered the free edition is limited to birds only.  After just one session with this app, we are sold, however, and hope to purchase this for our students.  The reading level is appropriate and the pictures are outstanding!
iTunes icon
reading page

During the inquiry process, students made notes on stick-on notes to place on the 'Can, Have, Are' poster.  I loved how this fostered collaboration and shared learning. 

He put up the first stick-on notes. So proud of his efforts!

Have a wonderful week. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

1st Grade News ~ 9/21/15


Time for poetry, leaves, apples and pumpkins...such a beautiful season in Ohio.  
As students gravitate toward our seasonal book display, I notice their interest in pumpkins and apples and marvel at their natural curiosity and desire to learn. 
We'll add another kid-created class book to our collection this week.
Book Cover

Student Book Page
Happy learning!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pete the Cat and the New Guy

Pete meets the new guy, Gus and discovers everyone has a special skill.
We read Pete the Cat and the New Guy during a social skills lesson about friendships and accepting others, despite their differences.  Students completed the sentence frame "I am _______ and I'm very good at _________."
(a colleague shared this resource and I'm trying to locate the link at this time)


Yes, indeed they're all great at something!

1st Grade News 9/7/15

1st Grade News Link
The heat of summer is upon us and we are trying to find ways to cool off and tolerate classroom heat and humidity.  Last week, a few kind, generous families provided Popsicles - a delightful, refreshing treat for the children!  My husband packed a cooler of ice each morning and students cooled down by rubbing ice cubes on faces, arms and legs.  We also used a large spray bottle to cool the neck area, head and arms.

 Finding shade to enjoy Popsicles 

Red, white and blue Popsicles

Some of our school buildings were built in the 50's and 60's before SMART Boards, technology carts, Net Books, iPads and other devices made their way into the classroom landscape.  Unfortunately, technology intensifies the heat and the lone wall-mounted fan provides minimal relief.  I hate to wish summer away, but for the sake of our little learners, I am hoping for cooler temperatures to stay.

Our Featured Friend sprayed friends at the end of the day while waiting for dismissal. 

This fella found temporary relief from the heat by placing ice cubes in towel paper and resting it on his head for a few seconds. 
This week will start off with intense heat and humidity but it will be a good week in first grade!