Saturday, October 24, 2015

1st Grade News 10/26/15

1st Grade News

 Enrichment Spelling Note and List
This exciting week ends with an all-school parade and Halloween party on Friday and students are counting down to trick-or-treating with friends and 
family.  :)
We have 27 poems in the poetry/song binder to date and recently, I overhead an adorable conversation between two students who have an interest in squirrels so we added the Busy Gray Squirrel, an oldie but goodie.
Link for Busy Gray Squirrel
A Halloween Pumpkin will be added to poetry/song binders on Monday.  Students will draw a
jack-o-lantern on the page, at the bottom.

We worked on research and inquiry skills this week, a 1st grade Common Core writing standard. (W.1.7 participate in shared research). Students worked with table groups and used books from the classroom library and iPads to locate bat facts. 


We spend a lot of time building skills to work effectively with partners and small groups.  

This collage shows two activities - partner reading and a reading response session in which students talked with partners to answer comprehension questions. 

In this picture, students are working on number sense by clap counting with partners. Students listen to directions and count up or back by 1's, 2's and 5's, beginning with the number I call out. 

Partners work on building fact fluency with dice roll activities. 

Students quickly discovered Top-it on the iPad is an exciting partner game!

First graders love to work with buddies. :)



  1. Look forward to reading your weekly blog! All the children seem so eager to learn.

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