Sunday, October 18, 2015

Science - Nature Walk

Science in first grade provides opportunities for students to develop questioning, investigating and communication skills as they explore the world around them. 
Last week, we set out to explore our school grounds. Before we left the classroom, we discussed the purpose of this exploration. Students were asked to notice details about the changing seasons and then record observations in writing journals.  We introduced and discussed science vocabulary words - observe, explore and investigate. To add a little challenge to this activity, students were encouraged to collect items that represented colors of the rainbow. 
As soon as the building doors opened, the kiddos eagerly made their way to the natural area that surrounds the playground.  They collected pine cones, acorns, small flowers, sticks and a variety of colorful leaves.  Students used magnifying lenses to observe details and plastic baggies to collect signs of the changing season.  

Back in the classroom, students wrote in their journals. 
"I observed that leaves can be red on the front and yellow on the back."

"I want to know how leaves change from green to red."

  This fella used a ruler to record measurements of his collection. 

"The leaves blow in the wind. Some of the leaves had dots. The little mushrooms look like fuzz balls."

Nature's rainbows...


First Grade Friends

I hope this is a wonderful week for all!

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