Saturday, October 24, 2015

Scientific Method in 1st Grade

Science is a little challenging at our level in our district because we don't have supplies on hand or a series to use as a tool to teach scientific method.  When you're ready to teach a lesson, it requires a search to find an appropriate lesson and a trip to the store to buy the learning materials.  
Recently, however, we discovered a wonderful resource for science lessons in first grade - Sue Cahalane, Science for Kids.  Her TPT store is filled with outstanding free and paid units for grades PK-4 lessons.  We look forward to utilizing many of Sue Cahalane's units this year!
The focus of our first lesson was to explore the five steps of the scientific method with The Runaway Pepper Experiment. 


  I was able to use supplies from home for this activity.

Materials were set out at each table group. 

We didn't use all pages of the unit; instead, students recorded observations and conclusions in writing journals.

In this wonderful journal entry, a student observed her friend dipping his finger into the bowl. Her writing continued onto the next page where she wrote about the pepper moving to the sides of the bowl. 

A colleague shared a resource from Coast to Coast Kinder and we completed the apple experiment this week.  I loved this activity because there's nothing better than a lesson followed by a snack. My husband bought delicious locally grown apples for the kids to enjoy.

Enjoying yummy apples!

 I was surprised about the lemon juice that it did not turn brown.
(Love the look of surprise on her face!)

Happy learning!

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