Sunday, October 11, 2015

Where's My Mummy?

If you're looking for a book of high interest to first graders - this is it!  With a little suspense, but a tender ending it's a wonderful Halloween book!
Our lessons included sequencing, a character study and a reading response activity.  Students worked with partners to discuss Baby Mummy's feelings and actions, using text evidence to identify feelings.  Together, we retold the story and created a sequencing chart.  The final activity was a mummy craft and reading response.  Students drew pictures of Baby Mummy looking for Mama Mummy and something coming out of the swamp.  We cut out the pages and glued them to construction paper to create flap books.

Baby Mummy in the swamp...

Lift the flap and discover a skeleton coming out of the swamp!  :)

Top page

Out comes a panda - his favorite animal!

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