Sunday, January 10, 2016

1st Grade News - 1/11/16

Plummeting temperatures will keep the children indoors for recess tomorrow.  Thankfully our awesome PSO provided each classroom with a kit full of activities so indoor recess is exciting for these kiddos!
Enrichment Spelling Words for this Week:


At the end of the week, we followed up with the Rotten Science exploration we set up in October.  We wanted to find out what happens when you let a pumpkin rot. 


The pumpkins were placed in the courtyard so students checked on them frequently.  Although many predicted the pumpkins would become soft, most were caught off guard by the black mold, strong smell and how quickly the pumpkins decomposed.  

Before students recorded observations in  journals, they reread predictions made in October. 

January 8th discoveries:

1st grade friends read journal entries to partners.  They are learning to be respectful, kind listeners and doing a wonderful job!

Also on Friday, we placed tomatoes, a lemon and a carrot in the classroom as an extension to the rotten science exploration. We'll keep track of the changes and compare the process with the rotting pumpkins.  

Happy learning!

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