Monday, February 15, 2016

1st Grade News - 2/15/16

We'll begin the week learning about presidents.  We have many resources for learning about the skills needed to become President of the United States, including biographies available on Brain Pop jr.

The "Who Was" books were a gift from a former parent and perfect for self-selected reading.
 Rookie Read About Holiday books cover basic facts and include a combination of pictures and illustrations.


In addition to Lincoln and Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson are introduced in this book.
This is a book some of our current presidential candidates need to read.  In this book, Emily Elizabeth is sadly thinking to herself... "It's not nice to say bad things about your opponent." 
It's always interesting to read what students would do if they were leader of the United States... 

One of our favorite activities is using dice to practice addition facts!

Poems for poetry binders

Link for President's Day Activities (5-pages)
Newsletter Link
Enrichment Spelling Words for long /i/

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