Sunday, February 21, 2016

1st Grade News - 2/22/16

Our wonderful PSO launched the COSI on Wheels Astounding Astronomy program for our students on February 17th!  The day began with a 45-minute interactive assembly that challenged students to explore the sizes and distances between planets in our solar system, learn about other objects in outer space, and gain some understanding of the extreme cold temperatures on the outer planets. 
The COSI presenter created a comet using dry ice, water, dirt and soda.  She used chemicals to blast off a rocket and demonstrated the power of air pressure by zipping a teacher into a plastic bag that had all air removed with a vacuum.
Small-group sessions later in the day encouraged students to work with class mates to identify constellations, compare their weight on different planets, learn about ultraviolet lights and air pressure.  Small-group sessions were led by parent volunteers and high school students.


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